Collection of my (mostly working) notes. Modelled after other digital gardens 🌐 and probably most directly inspired by Andy Matuschak’s working notes 🌐, so I’ll shamelessly steal his disclaimer:

If a note seems confusing or under-explained, it’s probably because I didn’t write it for you! Sorry—that’s sort of an essential tension of this experiment.

Although I should note that my main motivation for this format was the fact that I generally find the blog-post format too “heavy” as most of my thoughts and notes never reach a stage where I’d consider them worth publishing as a stand-alone piece - and I got frustrated by the ephemeral nature of social media discussion (e.g. Twitter, Reddit). So, I decided to stop aiming for either and “work with the garage door open”, as it were.

It’s currently less a full-grown garden than a budding seed-bed (most of my notes still scattered across Workflowys, Roams and Notions), but this should change soon! :)

I’m using Dendron 🌐 to manage my personal notes, and I made a custom integration into my Jekyll 🌐 powered website.