Computing and Capital

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Computers and Capital are somehow intertwined since the beginning… 🌐

There’s also echoes in culture/art - cyberpunk’s hypercorporations.

Maybe the “homogenization” inherent to data processing matches commodification really well?

Ultimately, capital/markets are a cybernetic phenomenon - so it makes sense that both the implicit ideology as well as the aesthethics tend to resonate.

making something explicit is frequently a sign that *something is broken and needs [to be] repaired*
so if the money brain and the social brain aren't well integrated, transactionality can feel like a siren going off 24/7

Above quote was in the context of money feeling “wrong” because of the explicit transactionality.

Is that why 99% of computer interfaces feel positively awkward and dorky?

  • e.g. I shouldn’t need to put a label on a person to mark them as my “Friend” - doing so IRL would be positively psychotic
  • Also a reason small-scale systems typically do not possess much in the way of security (besides the inconvenience of setting it up, of course) or explicit hierarchy per se

Laws of scale - if you can compute something once, you can typically compute it an infinite amount of times.

  • Most “computer things” (programs, systems…) have an impersonal quality because of this
  • There’s an incredibly small step from personal (“sewing a button on and fixing my pants”) to industrial (“constructing a sewing factory that can serve hundreds of people”)
    • Is this the consequence or reason for the lack of “end-user programming”?

money is flesh