Gathering Places

Observation: A project (or any endeavor) of any depth benefits from a single, predominantly central point where coordination happens and information is available.

Reality: Usually, this is taken care of via communication channels (e.g. forums, IRC Channels or Discord servers)

As a rule, these either have a topic that contains the most relevant info for any given moment:

  • Either because it’s always relevant (Wikis, Bug Trackers)
  • Or because it’s warranted by an external event (outages, downtimes, yt-dl takedown, etc.) or bots that perform the same function.

This, in my experience, holds both for projects that involve 5 people as well as 5000 or more.

Navel-gazing This gives the project a sort of a “home”,

The people actually involved with the things are the best “knowledge-base” possible. Stack Exchange sites strike a great balance of being free-form enough to capture any question