Pixel space

Pixel Space

Ref: https://szymonkaliski.com/notes/pixel-space-and-tools/ 🌐

http://byu.danrolsenjr.org/cs656/Papers/FocusPlusContext.pdf 🌐

Bret Victor's Study

Room == Space!

https://www.christophlabacher.com/notes/screen-as-room 🌐

(Ties into thoughts.interfaces.aesthethics-is-a-feature)

Zoomable User Interfaces

  • Fully alternative model to window-based GUIs
  • Prezi - why does it mostly suck?
  • Maybe continuity is not the right type of interaction
    • Just as you rarely need to resize a window specifically, even Windows has tiling wm capabilities
  • Spatially oriented computing?
    • DynamicLand for sure…

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